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Enzo's of Arthur Avenue Fine Dining

Our Story

Beginning in 1999 as a café, Enzo wanted to put the knowledge and the skills he learned at the Culinary Institute of America, and from working in his father’s restaurant, into motion and open his own restaurant. With the help of his wife Maria, that dream became a reality in 2005 when Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue opened its doors. This was more than just a restaurant, this place was the history of Enzo and Maria’s life. Arthur Avenue is where they met and got married; the kitchen used to be the old apartment of Maria’s grandmother; and the dining room was where they raised their five daughters and held many family events.


Enzo made his restaurant his home away from home. New customers became regulars who in turn became like family-it grew and grew until it outgrew its space. In 2016, Enzo expanded his restaurant to more than double its original size. Yet Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue never lost the comfort, charm and sentimentality it was known for.


Sadly, when Enzo suddenly passed in 2018, he never got to see the restaurant as we know and love today. However, his wife Maria took over and continued doing what Enzo always wanted - to keep Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue as a household favorite but never forgetting tradition. A true family business, Maria, with the help of her eldest daughter, continues her husband’s legacy. Here at Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue, the true and original Enzo’s in the Bronx, you will be embraced by tradition and comfort, but most importantly, you will enjoy a fantastic meal that makes you feel at home.

Enzo's Authentic Marinara Sauce

Our Homemade Marinara

Enzo's Authentic Vodka Sauce

Our Homemade Vodka Sauce

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